Business Intelligence

The key to superior business driven results.

A Business Intelligence (BI) Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a strategic blueprint that works across different functions of an organization and provides standards, guideline and best practice while implementing strategies and project deliveries and thus ensures long-term success of the business.


Verve helps enterprises run on improved processes and deliver superior business driven results with a strategic edge over undefined situations. Our BI strategies for small, medium and large organizations revolve around our technical expertise, experience and our approach towards current industry trends. This helps organizations achieve better Return on Investment (ROI) through cost effective solutions. Our approach is simple – Defined knowledge based processes and insights through business analysis across our shared services. Our commitment and consistency to our BI approach is the key to our consistent performance.

Business Intelligence

Think Outside of the Box!

We focus on areas like :

  • BI Standardization and Continuous Improvement
  • Information Quality
  • Best Practices and Shared knowledge base
  • Cross-functional Activities
  • Business Analytics and Technology Selection
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • icon-1 Making Decisions
  • icon-2 Data Presentations (Visualization Techniques)
  • icon-3 Data Mining (Information Discovery)
  • icon-4 Data Exploration (Statistically Analysis, Querying & Reporting)
  • icon-5 Data Warehouses Data Marts (Online Analytical Processing [OLAP])
  • icon-6 Data Source (Paper, Files, Information Providers, Database Systems)

We have successfully implemented BI solutions in large organizations like government councils and banks across different counties like Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Our BI solutions help run smoother processes and manage their finance, budget and security systems better.

Verve’s BI approach helps organizations :

  • Taking informed decisions – Right use of information and data at the right time
  • Achieving Operational efficiency – Consistent performance with accurate data and processes
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enhancing outcome quality
  • Reducing project delivery times