Software Consulting

Improved performance by providing innovative solutions and ideas to clients’ business needs.

Verve provides innovative ideas and advice on design, development, implementation and improvement of the performance of the clients’ IT needs. Our Software Consultancy includes advice and knowledge share on strategic business plans and the improvement of operational business processes, information technology and its practical utility.

In the full Product Development Life Cycle, we provide full services from conceptualization to deployment and support. We focus on project management, planning, design, building and implementation of client specific results.

We act as a true strategic partner and help businesses define their software development vision.

We have a proven track record of successful implementation of different products and applications across different technologies, for various industries and business domains. We focus on cost effective solutions and processes for our clients to get better ROI.

Our consultancy services aim to achieve usable and scalable products which help businesses managing future demand as well. Our Software Consultation services starts from vision building and goes through Conceptualization, Design, Development, Quality Assurance and Deployment phases, where we also consider maintenance and support consultation to make the product usable and maintainable.

Software Consulting

Turn Idea into Application with us

In today’s continuously changing IT environments, we help clients by :

  • Consulting, developing and managing products and applications
  • Developing solutions based on business and technology problems
  • Designing efficient and effective application environments by leveraging re-useable software platforms
  • Developing strategies for engagement, proprietary frameworks, strategic enterprise information roadmap – Using strong experience, industry best practices, new age features and smooth deployment processes
  • Becoming a true software development partner

Our Global Delivery Model helps our clients from the plan phase to the deployment and support phase in the whole product development life cycle. Our onsite team works with our clients to understand and analyze the real business needs where the offshore team works with our onsite teams to design and develop the prototypes and proof-of-concept to initiate the project planning.