Education & E-learning

Electronic learning, Mobile learning, Digital contents and many such terms have become indispensable to the mission and spread of education these days. These terms are re-defining the way we teach, learn and research in fundamental ways. With the changing scenario the industry leaders are harnessing technology to improve their reach and taking advantages of new learning paradigms. Our rich expertise in this domain be it a Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT) Learning Management System (LMS), School Management System (SMS) and among others, We have delivered various custom developed solutions meeting the specific requirements of our client which have helped them to make learning interesting, interactive and fun!.

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  • icon-2 E-learning Systems
  • icon-3 Customization Plan
  • icon-4 Courseware Preparation
  • icon-5 Online Coaching
  • icon-6 Network Monitoring
  • icon-7 Testing and Feedback
  • icon-8 Requirement Collection
  • icon-9 Course Development
  • icon-10 Online Registration
  • icon-11 Vertical Class Room
  • icon-12 Remote Learning

Our team assists you design and deploy robust learning solutions right from content customization, E-learning strategies, integration of E-learning with different frameworks, real-time collaboration, effective curriculum management, and robust reporting tools, maintenance of the system and many more.

Education Software Development & e-Learning Solutions

Powerful E-learning Solutions for your Online Schools

Our services in E-learning include

  • E-learning Content Management Systems
  • Centralized Database for Student/Staffs Information
  • Mobile Learning (Test, Assessments, Communities, Course works etc.)
  • Assessment and Test Management
  • Emerging Content Delivery Platforms
  • Interactive Learning
  • SCORM Compliant Custom Courseware
  • Simulation & Gaming based Learning Solutions
  • Video, Podcasting, Webcasting Solutions
  • Translations and Localization
  • Corporate E-learning Solutions
  • Industry-wise Training Solutions
  • Rapid E-learning Development
  • LMS and Portal Integration
  • Electronic voting Systems
  • Virtual classroom Solutions
  • Portals & Dashboard Applications
  • e-Campus Placement Solutions, Alumni Websites & more..
  • Learning Management Systems

As a preferred solution partner of many institutions and organization in this domain, we have gained the rich expertise in design, development and delivery of the solutions which can automate manual processes, transform existing traditional software into a SaaS or mobile solution and migrate from the software applications to newer technologies as well. We always strive to make sure our clients are delivered the best possible solutions tailored to their any and all needs.


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