Real Estate

The Real Estate industry has its own uniqueness in the sense that most people get engaged in it at least once or twice in their entire lifespan. And since transactions in reality business is such a sensitive and complex issue, Real Estate developers/Brokers are forced to embrace the latest tools and technology to make it easier, transparent and as informative as possible.

At Verve, We understand the need of Real Estate developers/Brokers to cater the various critical factors which are largely affecting this industry such as Global economic condition, ever increasing cost, changing regulatory norms, high financial risks etc. Our rich technical expertise in this sector and wide range of solutions are testimonial to our capabilities which enables the Real Estate developers/Brokers to meet the critical challenges of the industry, increased efficiency in minimizing costs, increased productivity as well as profitability, optimal usage of available resources to achieve sustainable growth.

Our broad spectrum of solutions which serves all type of Real Estate industry players including real estate dealers, real estate marketing companies, real estate developers and builders at every aspect of the business be it pre-production or post-production.

Real Estate Software Solutions

Tailored Integrated Solutions for Real Estate Industry

It includes

  • Custom Built Real Estate Solutions
  • Construction Management Solutions
  • Building/Property Management Solutions
  • Real Estate Maintenance System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Documentation Management Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Pre-Launch Module Solutions
  • Process Control Automation
  • Booking Engines
  • Home Builder Marketing and Sales
  • Launch Module Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Google Maps Integrations
  • CAD/GIS Embedded Solutions
  • Classifieds Websites and Applications Development

Verve understands the needs of the real estate and construction industry better than anyone else and by taking care of all nuances and contingencies which are faced in the day to day operations of the business processes, pass on the much needed advantages to the clients across the globe which includes some of the largest Real Estates companies in the world. By partnering with us they have been able to zero in on their core business and leaving the technology part to us wherein we have successfully been able to deliver end-to-end solutions and allowing them to have advantages such as:

  • Improved sales prospects
  • Better managed facility
  • Adherence to regulatory compliances
  • Managing sales incentives and commissions
  • Access to key information
  • Streamlining operations
  • Automated key processes
  • Prospect tracking and account management
  • Promotion and event management
  • Better resource management
  • Reduced costs & optimized Revenue