Engagement Models

Verve Systems offers Engagement/Business Models keeping in view the change scenario and newer challenges faced during IT Outsourcing. Verve offers multiple and flexible engagement models to meet diverse needs of our clients globally. Our model allows our clients to overcome any initial inhibitions/ problems of Outsourcing to ensure they get the opportunity to accelerate their IT outsourcing process. Some of the common concern about using any offshore development company is :

  • language-barriers-icon Language Barriers
  • cultural-barriers-icon Cultural Barriers
  • time-zone-difference-icon Time Zone Difference
  • knowledge-transfer-icon Knowledge Transfer
  • Skill set-of-resources-icon Skill Set of Resources

In cases where these issues have either been completely neglected or not addressed properly, it has led to greater client dissatisfaction. Verve with their experience to identify these issues and careful planning to overcome these, have employed steps to ease out these concerns and ensure a successful, cost-effective and efficient use of offshore resources. Verve Systems has a strong focus in Offshore Software Development and Outsourced IT Solutions with a consistent track record of creating cost effective technology based initiatives for our esteemed clientele resulting in better process management, smoother workflows and lower costs of operations and product lifecycle management. Verve provides the flexibility and transparency to its clients and partners through its business and engagement models by virtue of offering services through its huge pool of technical talent and the ability to work in coordination with Client’s process and expectations. We ensure the clients and partners have the benefit of the Outsourcing by providing them an engagement model tailored to their needs to fit their:

Engagement Models

Local Pricing Global Approach

  • team-coordination-icon Team Coordination
  • reporting-mechanism-icon Reporting Mechanism
  • cost-icon Cost
  • solution-to-be-developed-icon Solution to be developed

Our Clients can choose from one or combination of our Engagement Models for different phases of their projects.

Fixed-Price Model (Predetermined Lump-sum Project Cost)

Fixed Price Model is employed for customers who have well-defined project requirements and schedules for the solution they want to develop. As per this model, the client pays an agreed fixed price for the corresponding project scope discussed. These project costs are in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables/ milestones. Verve at the onset of the project bidding process defines these deliverables/ milestones with the cost break-up at each of these deliverables thus enabling the client to reduce risk by visibly monitoring progress of the project. Change Management: Verve is committed to complete the development as per the scope of the work defined and agreed to within the cost provided. However it is our experience that in such Fixed-Price Projects there may be cases/ functionality/ features which may have been missed by the client in the specifications. These are taken as part of the Change Management process. The change request management is a key process for a Fixed Price projects. Verve has a structure and well-defined process for managing any changes that may be required during or after the project duration. All such changes are tracked through a change request form. This form is provided by Verve to the client to specify the Change(s) required in the system. Verve after detailed analysis of the changes would do the cost and effort analysis and intimate the client about the same. A change would be defined as those, which are not defined in the scope of work either in terms of addition, deletion and/or change in Functionality (Business Logic), User Interface, the database and/or any other such aspect of the system. Verve will charge the work to be done on an hourly basis as defined and agreed by both parties.

Time and Material Model

A Time and Material is preferred where the scopes are unclear and evolving. Under this plan an hourly pricing rate is agreed to for a defined skill set of resource(s) who would be working on the scope. Such model suits for works which involves ad hoc programming development such and Code Review, Product Research, Product Support, Complex projects where there is constant specification and design changes. At times such model is also employed for Project Requirement Analysis to do the requirement specification to reach to a defined scope and then move to a Fixed Price model for the specifications done. The project cost of such a model is a function of the agreed hourly rate of the resource type and the corresponding efforts of the resource(s) deployed. The model allows the clients greater flexibility in terms of evolving the project specification on a continuous basis as per the need of the market. In order to ensure greater transparency and control for the client in such models we employ a strict project management practice and periodic reporting mechanism. Task sheets of each resource(s) deployed on such projects are generated on a daily / weekly basis and sent for review to the client.

Offshore Dedicated Development Center (Full-Time Resources Exclusive to Project)

Dedicated Development Centre is typically an extension of the client’s team at offshore centers located at different locations in the world. Typically an offshore development centre may belong to a client or could be maintained by an offshore development organization which has proven capabilities in the following critical aspects of an ODC. Dedicated Development Centre at Verve signifies a business model wherein a software development team with relevant and identified skill sets. An Offshore Dedicated Development Center provides clients with long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. A jointly identify teams allows the clients full transparency, access and control on the team to ensure they can allocate, get status, do changes at short notices. Dedicated Development Team even though working at an offshore location of Verve, operates as an extension of Customer’s Development Centre.

Dedicated Teams are better utilized in case of

  • large-on-going-project-icon Large on going Project
  • product-development-icon Product Development
  • support-icon Support
  • product-enhancement-icon Product Enhancement
  • product-re-engineering-icon Product Re-engineering
  • maintenance-icon Maintenance