Search Engine Optimization

Verve has managed to put their intelligence into work and utilized the technology that has helped many of our customers drive millions of visitors to their websites through organic search results. We have got specialized practices in place in order to attract quality traffic through popular search engines following ethical and cost-effective means. We can help improving the number and position of a website for a wide variety of relevant keywords.

Our effectiveness in executing SEO practices comes from a series of analytical researches covering analysis of keywords, study of competitor, user interaction, search provider algorithms, etc. Our expertise in SEO improves ROI and makes it a success.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Multiply your Site Visitorswith Our SEO Services

Our SEO techniques cover

  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Website Pages & Design Optimization
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Navigation Structure & Sitemap creation
  • Content Placement
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • W3C validations
  • HTML Code Optimization
  • Robots File Creation
  • icon Report Rankings
  • icon Target Keywords
  • icon Optimize Web Site
  • icon Submit Web Page
  • icon Analyze Conversions

Our SEO follows phases as below

Apart from this, we also help to gain better ranking of website through many other techniques. We also serve complete website promotion services all over globe.It includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services , Paid Placement Programs, Pay-per-click advertising, Social Media Marketing Services , and Search Engine Reputation Management Services

  • Phase 1: Website Analysis Process
  • Phase 2: Website Optimization Process
  • Phase 3: Website Promotion Process
  • Phase 4: Ongoing Link Popularity Process
  • Phase 5: Reporting and Fine-Tuning
  • Phase 6: Site Monitoring